Trying to Hire Effective Online Marketers is a Crap Shoot !

Let me help you hire the right people the first time…

I will help you professionally vet the agencies and contractors you’re looking at or if you like, I can introduce you to highly respected agencies or contractors.

Let Me Help You Hire Your Next Online Marketers

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I will professionally vet the agencies and contractors that you are considering, or if you prefer, I can introduce you to highly respected , high performance agencies or contractors. I can even help you negotiate their fee agreement, potentially saving your thousands.

There are people on every street corner in America these days who call themselves online marketers, they all have slick websites and they all know exactly what to say. Unfortunately only a tiny fraction of them actually have the talent and skills they claim to have, the rest, are just learning on your dime. How the heck are you supposed to be able to tell which ones can perform or not?

As an ex- Google Premier agency owner with over 25 years of online marketing agency experience. I know how agencies and contractors work. I want to share that experience with you and help you get the online marketing you deserve!

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Hire the right online marketers the first time!

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Stuart Wilhoite / Founder

As an ex- Google Premier agency owner with over 25 years of online marketing agency experience. I know how agencies and contractors operate. I want to share that experience with you.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen so many businesses fail in their online marketing efforts. The common point of failure lies in the client’s inability to appropriately vet the agency or contractor they hired. If you can’t tell the difference between a good online marketer or a bad one, you’re at a big disadvantage. In my experience only about 1 in 40 online marketers has the skill and experience they claim to have. Let me help you avoid the costly mistake of hiring a sub par marketer.

I know what a good digital team looks like. As the founder and managing partner of a Google Premier agency (top 2% worldwide), I know what exceptional online marketers can achieve . I have developed a vetting checklist that allows me to say with great certainty whether or not an agency has the necessary depth of skills and experience to achieve you goals for you.

My only goal is to look out for your digital best interest .  

With people on every street corner calling themselves online marketers these days, it is imperative to do proper due diligence to ensure that you hire the right marketers for your unique needs. I have created a free do-it-yourself vetting checklist that you can use to vet online marketers on your own.  The checklist includes instructional videos to give you contextual understanding of the questions and how to interpret the answers you get. You can get the free vetting checklist here.

1.  Take a deep look at their team using LinkedIn.
– Look at the depth of experience of their leadership.
– Look at the experience of their frontline employees.
– How many people on their SEO team, PPC team, etc?
– More questions here

2.  Look at their Glass Door reviews
–  What is their rate of employee turnover?
– Do current or past employees respect or fear management?
– More questions here

3.  Do a phone interview with the agency owner and leadership.
– How long have they been in business?
– Who owns the agency, who is on their leadership team?
– How many employees?
– What services do they offer?
– More questions here

4.  Interview 3 to 5 active clients
– Do the clients feel they are getting the value they hoped?
– Are they happy with the level of communication and attention?
– Do they feel that the agency is proactive?
– More questions here

One Simple Rule for Hiring Effective Online Marketers

There might have been a time when you could have hired just about anyone to do your online marketing and you might have been successful, but not any more. Your competitors are online now and they want that sale or that new client just as much as you do. 

You’re not competing against your competitors directly anymore. You’re competing against the online marketing team they hired. 

Your job in hiring online marketers is to hire an agency or a contractor that is smarter, more skilled and more competitive than the team your competitors hired.  Do you know how to do that? If you can’t tell the difference between the exceptional online marketer and the mediocre one, you’re already at a disadvantage. 

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