Meet Multiple Elite

Marketing Teams

Meet Multiple Elite Marketing Teams

Hiring Effective Online Marketers - Made Easy

I personally introduce you to multiple, high performance marketing agencies or contractors, based upon your industry, your budget and your unique needs.

There are people on every street corner in America these days who call themselves online marketers, they all have slick websites and they all know exactly what to say. How the heck are you supposed to be able to tell which ones can perform or not?

Welcome Video – What I do and Why I do it.

Why am I qualified to help you?

For over a decade, I owned a Google Premier Agency that Google ranked in the top 2% of agencies worldwide. As you can imagine, during that time, I met quite a few agency owners like myself, whose agencies were amongst the elite. I also got to know many of the industry superstars and thought leaders. These are the  relationships I draw upon to find the right agency or contractor for your unique needs.

Why am I passionate about your success?

Over the last 30 years I’ve met far too many business owners who were frustrated by the results of their online marketing efforts.  I know what it’s like to carry the responsibility of the success of a company with employees and their families relying on the choices you make. When I sold my agency, I knew that all I wanted to do was help  businesses avoid disappointment and get the online marketing and the success they deserve. I enjoy this process and the gratification it brings.

As an ex- Google Premier agency owner with over 30 years of online marketing agency experience. I know how agencies and contractors work. I want to share that experience with you to help you get the online marketing you deserve!

How does this process work?

This is a one on one process, that starts with me getting to know you to understand your business, your pain points and your goals. I then set up meetings between you and the agencies that make the most sense for your unique needs. They pitch their strategies and budgets and you choose the one that you feel most confident with. You are under no obligation to hire anyone.

Where do you find the agencies and contractors

Over the last 30 years I’ve made a lot of friends in this industry. As the owner of a Google Premier agency, I had the honor of being invited to the Google campus many times for mastermind events, along with dozens of other Premier agency owners. These agencies are the cream of the crop, recognized by Google in the top 2% worldwide for their innovation and industry leading success. These are the types of agencies I bring to your table. For some projects an individual contractor is called for. The individuals I work with are elites who either take on side work, or have started their own targeted firms. 


The #1 Reason for online marketing failure, lies in the client’s inability to properly vet the agency or contractor they hired. If you can’t tell the difference between a good online marketer and a bad one you are starting out at a big disadvantage. 

Case Study - Personal Injury Law Firm

One of my clients, a top personal injury law firm in a large, highly-competitive market, hired us to audit their existing online marketing agency. For seven years, they had been with one of the largest agencies in the country who service the legal vertical. What we found in that audit was shocking. The waste, egregious overcharging and surprisingly outdated and careless online marketing tactics were so bad that the law firm asked us to help them vet and select a new agency. We brought three elite agencies together to compete for their business and the law firm chose the one they felt was the best fit for them. Here are the incredible results they’ve experienced with their new agency:

Disclaimer: This case study is genuine. But to be fair, their original agency was absolutely terrible. Not everyone will see this kind of dramatic result. This is however, a perfect illustration of the difference between a big run-of-the-mill agency and an elite boutique agency. Remember, their previous agency was one of the largest law firm marketing agencies in the country. To date, the client has been with this new agency for 5 years. 


Result Comparison

Paid Media

Total Leads
Cost Per Lead (CPL)
Search Ad Conversion Rate

Up 243%
Down 42%
Up 124% (from 19% to 43%)

Total Leads
Cost Per Lead (CPL)
Search Ad Conversion Rate

Up 243%
Down 42%
Up 124% (from 19% to 43%)


Organic Traffic
Form Fills From Organic
Phone Calls From Organic
Domain Rating

Up 43%
Up 106%
Up 124% (from 19% to 43%)
Up 31%

Social Media

Website Traffic From Social
Leads From Social Media

Up 750%
Up 6400%

Time Period: 8 Months

Result Comparison

Paid Media

Total Leads   –   Up 243%
Cost Per Lead (CPL)   –   Down 42%
Search Ad Conversion Rate   –   Up 124%


Organic Traffic   –   Up 43%
Form Fills From Organic   –   Up 106%
Phone Calls From Organic   –   Up 124%
Domain Rating   –   Up 31%

Social Media

Website Traffic From Social   –   Up 750%
Leads From Social Media   –   Up 6400%

Time Period: 8 Months

Client Testimonials

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A Better Way to Hire Marketers

  • Meet Hand-Picked, Elite Agencies or Contactors
  • Offering the Services You Need
  • Experienced in Your Particular Industry
  • Working with Clients in Your Budget Range 
  • I Save You Time, Energy & Worry
  • Maximize Potential for Success – Reduce Risk
  • Transparent with No Hidden Agenda
  • Everything I do is in Your Best Interest

You Pay


My Fees are Always Paid by the Agency or Contractor

I have the same financial arrangement with every agency or contractor I work with so I am completely agency agnostic. I simply want you to get the best marketing possible. I get paid a small amount each month that you are working with them, so it is always in my best interest to place you with an agency that will keep you successful and happy for years to come.

My success is literally tied to yours.

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