Third Party Auditing

Are your online marketers on their game or are they wasting your money? You need to know. We can give you an independent, unbiased assessment.

You spend a great deal of money on your online marketing and you’ve put the future of your business in the hands of others. You need to know whether your marketers are working in your best interest or their own. Are they using the latest technologies and methodologies or are they wasting your hard earned dollars?  Unlike agencies who provide free auditing in hopes of acquiring your account We are not an agency so there is no conflict of interest. Our elite team of auditors can provide you with an accurate and unbiased assessment of the quality and effectiveness of your current online marketing. 

Our  auditors are hand selected for their broad knowledge and experience in their specific online marketing discipline. Many of them are well known in the industry and highly respected. They are fluent in the latest tools and techniques in the industry. This level of expertise allows them to effectively assess the overall quality of your existing online marketing efforts and give you a good understanding of whether your current team is on their game or not. Auditing is something that should be done periodically to assure you that your agency or contractor is utilizing best practices, while it also puts your provider on notice that you are scrutinizing their work.

Benefits of an Independent Third Party Audit

You’ve invested thousands of dollars into advertising your products or services online, but how do you know if your online marketing is as efficient and effective as as it  can be? An audit can tell you the following:

  • Verify that your current provider is utilizing the latest and most effective targeting methodologies.
  • Identify any inefficiencies or oversights in your current online marketing strategy.
  • Ensure that your online marketing budget is being maximized or pinpoint in which areas you can improve
  • Gain insight of independent experts who provide a second set of eyes.

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Our Process

Because getting to know your business and your online goals is key to each assessment, each audit starts with an in-depth interview. We take the time to understand who your target market is and the actions you wish them to take so that we fully comprehend your current strategy. We then identify the channels that your current online marketing contractor or agency are using so that our auditors have all of the data they need to prepare a comprehensive audit of your SEO campaign.

We pair you with an auditor whose experience and skill set is the best match to your vertical, channels and strategy. Following our proprietary auditing protocol, your auditor then takes a deep dive into all areas of your website – from structured data to onpage content to offpage link signals and beyond – so that they can determine if your campaigns and practices truly match your strategy and goals.

When we audit an agency or provider, we believe in the “Trust, Yet Verify” approach. Our team will always engage with whoever is providing your online marketing services in a respectful, friendly and non-intrusive way. We can also audit discreetly without interacting with them if you prefer. Once our auditors have completed their assessments, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and a full review of our team’s unbiased findings.

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