Could Your Online Marketing Be Better?

If your business is like most businesses in 2017, online is a major marketing channel for your company. You have hired an agency or a contractor to manage your online marketing efforts. They seem to be doing a good job and they give you reports that appear to make sense, but how do they stack up against other agencies? Could they be doing better? How do you know if you’re really getting the best SEO possible? Could you be generating more sales through your online advertising?

Auditing is a process where a highly-skilled third-party online marketing professional takes a deep dive into your online marketing campaigns and/or SEO practices to see what is working and what is not. The auditor follows a set of protocols based upon the different channels your agency uses to market or advertise your business, ie: Facebook, AdWords, YouTube, Display, SEO, etc. Then the auditor utilizes the wealth of historical data available in platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords and others to assess whether the company or individual doing your digital is utilizing the latest strategies, methodologies and tactics.

Auditing, when performed by an independent third party, is extremely valuable in multiple ways. A proper audit can identify great online marketing efforts, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing your online marketing dollar is being spent efficiently and effectively. Conversely, it can root out bad practices and wasteful spending. This is actually the more common outcome.

Whether your agency or contractor is doing a good job or not, it’s important to have that second set of eyes on your campaigns. Even if your current online marketing team is competent, your auditor may be able to suggest new targeting methods or tweaks that could have a hugely positive effect. Additionally, it helps keep your current provider on their toes knowing that someone is looking over their shoulder.

OnMark Advisors is the first Digital Advocacy companies to focus solely on auditing online marketing. Up until now, the only companies that offered audits were the online marketing agencies themselves. They typically offer a very limited, complimentary audit in hopes of gaining your business once they prove your current provider is sub-par. That, however, is a huge conflict of interest. It is a lot like asking Chevy to report on the quality of a Ford.

Audit your online marketing. It will be invaluable. A proactive measure like SEO Auditing, Paid Media (PPC)Auditing or Social Media Auditing pays for itself over and over again.

Call OnMark Advisors today for a free consultation. We don’t have any conflicts of interest and everything we do is always in our client’s best interest.

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