Law Firm Enjoys 243% More Leads for 42% Less Money with New Agency

One of our clients, a top personal injury law firm in a large, highly-competitive market, hired us to audit their online marketing agency. For seven years, they had been with one of the three largest agencies in the country who service the legal vertical. What we found in that audit was shocking. The waste, egregious overcharging and surprisingly outdated and careless online marketing tactics were so bad that the firm asked us to help them vet and select a new agency. We engaged three exceptional agencies to compete for their business and the law firm chose the one they felt was the best fit for them. Here are the incredible results they’ve experienced with their new agency:

Time Period: July 2018 (previous agency) compared to March 2019 (new agency)

Paid Media

Total Leads Up 243%
Cost Per Lead (CPL) Down 42%
Search Ads Conversion Rate Up 124% (from 19% to an amazing 43%)


Organic Traffic Up 43%
Form Fill Leads from Organic Traffic Up 81%
Phone Calls From Organic Traffic Up 106%
Domain Rating Up 31%

Other big wins – Multiple keywords went from not ranking to page 1

Social Media

Website Traffic from Social Media Up 750%
Leads From Social Media Up 6400% (from 1 lead/month to 65/month)

What would results like these do for your business? Let OnMark Advisors help you hire exceptional online marketers. Call us today for a free consultation at (702) 327-8859.

Disclaimer: OnMark Advisors is not an online marketing firm and we are completely agency agnostic. We place our clients with exceptional, pre-vetted agencies selected for specific client needs.

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