We provide expert ONline MARKeting advice and act an independent third-party advocate to ensure you get what you pay from your online marketing agency, contractor or in-house employee.

No, we do not offer any online marketing services, but we can help you assess the quality of your current online marketing agency or contractor by auditing their efforts or if you feel it’s time for a new agency we can help you find a high performance agency or contractor that’s a perfect fit for your industry, your budget and your unique business goals.

Yes. We have experience building digital marketing teams and know how tough it is to find someone with the skills you need to do your own online marketing effectively. We can help you assess your candidates and ensure they are a good fit for the role, your online marketing team and your company.

‘Independent third party auditing’ means that you can trust that your SEO, paid media (PPC), social media or employee vetting audit is performed by an impartial auditor with nothing to gain by providing you anything less than a complete, correct audit.

Online marketing agencies and contractors often provide SEO, social media or PPC “audits” as part of their sales process. Their goal is to show any holes in your current online marketing practices, not report on the things in your current campaigns that are working effectively. Someone vying for your business cannot audit your campaigns objectively. Because OnMark Advisors does not provide online marketing services, we provide independent third party auditing that you can trust to be in YOUR best interest.

We engage only the cream of the online marketing crop to join the OnMark Advisors team. Our auditors are not just auditors; they live and breathe online marketing and work for some of the top agencies in the country.

If you are among the top online marketers in the US and you’d like to be considered for an opportunity to become an auditor, please contact us today.

Leverage our years of online marketing agency experience to help you identify, vet and select an exceptional agency or contractor aligned with your goals and your budget.

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