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The number one reason online marketing fails, is because most people don’t know how to properly vet online marketers. Only a tiny fraction of people who claim to do online marketing really have the skill and experience they claim to have. In this tutorial I will teach you how to identify the right agency or contractor and finally get the online marketing your business deserves.  Start by watching the intro video.

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Here's what you get and how it works:

I want to arm you with the information and tools necessary, so you can hire the best possible online marketers for your unique needs.  Below, you can see a sampling of the the protocols I use to professionally vet online marketers for my clients. Fill out the quick from above and I’ll immediately send you an email with a link to the full vetting checklist, including a series of time-stamped videos that explain each question, to give you contextual understanding of what kind of answers you should be looking for. All of this is completely free and I’ll be happy to personally answer any questions you have about the process. I want to see you succeed!

1.  Take a deep look at their team using LinkedIn.
– Look at the depth of experience of their leadership.
– Look at the experience of their frontline employees.
– How many people on their SEO team, PPC team, etc?
– More questions here

2.  Look at their Glass Door reviews
–  What is their rate of employee turnover?
– Do current or past employees respect or fear management?
– More questions here

3.  Do a phone interview with the agency owner and leadership.
– How long have they been in business?
– Who owns the agency, who is on their leadership team?
– How many employees?
– What services do they offer?
– More questions here

4.  Interview 3 to 5 active clients
– Do the clients feel they are getting the value they hoped?
– Are they happy with the level of communication and attention?
– Do they feel that the agency is proactive?
– More questions here

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Stuart Wilhoite / Founder

As an ex-Google Premier agency owner with over 25 years of online marketing agency experience. I know how agencies and contractors operate. I want to share that experience with you.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen so many businesses fail in their online marketing efforts. The common point of failure lies in the client’s inability to appropriately vet the agency or contractor they hired. If you can’t tell the difference between a good online marketer or a bad one, you’re at a big disadvantage. In my experience only about 1 in 40 online marketers has the skill and experience they claim to have. Let me help you avoid the costly mistake of hiring a sub par marketer.

I know what a good digital team looks like. As the past founder and managing partner of a Google Premier agency (top 2% worldwide), I know what exceptional online marketers can achieve . I have developed a vetting checklist that allows me to say with great certainty whether or not an agency has the necessary depth of skills and experience to achieve your goals for you. I want to share that with you.