Strictly Auditing is Now OnMark Advisors

When we opened our doors almost two years ago, our intent was to be the world’s first company to offer completely independent, third-party, full spectrum auditing of SEO, paid media (PPC) and social media. We chose the name Strictly Auditing as a way to differentiate ourselves from the bevy of biased online marketing firms that offer auditing as a way to gain new clients.

During our first two years in business, we found ourselves helping clients in a variety of ways, not just auditing. For instance, business owners wanted us to help them find, vet and hire exceptional agencies, contractors or employees. So we added Agency Vetting and Selection and Employee Vetting to our list of services. We also found that many business owners and marketing executives needed ongoing digital marketing advice so we added Consulting as a service.

Providing independent, third-party auditing is still the core of our business, but because we are no longer strictly doing auditing, we felt the need to reflect that in our company name. As of today, we are changing our moniker to OnMark Advisors. We feel this new name more accurately reflects the overarching nature of our services.

Our name has changed but our goal remains the same: to help businesses cut through the BS and get the biggest bang for their online marketing buck.

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