There is a New Digital Sheriff in Town

Online marketing isn’t rocket science, but it is almost as complex and it’s getting more so every day. New and innovative ways to target your company’s perspective new customers are introduced into the mix constantly. Keeping up with the latest targeting methodologies is the fiduciary responsibility of any good digital agency. After all, new and more efficient channels means more efficient use of your online advertising dollar.

And let’s state the obvious here – spending your digital ad budget as efficiently as humanly possible is what you pay your agency for isn’t it?

As a business owner or marketing executive, you need to know whether your digital agency is knocking it out of the park or they are just doing “ok.” The potential difference to your bottom line between a mediocre online marketer and an exceptional one can be profound.

But how do you really know if your marketing dollars are being spent as efficiently and effectively as possible? The need to answer this question has spawned a new class of business designed specifically to audit your online marketing efforts.

OnMark Advisors LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the first of a new breed of company designed to help keep your digital agency honest and to help you ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. We call ourselves “Digital Advocates.”

Unlike getting a complimentary audit from an online marketing company that just wants your business, OnMark Advisors doesn’t sell online marketing services. Our only job is to be your advocate. We do this by performing an independent third party audit of your PPC campaigns and/or SEO practices. We help you determine just how efficient and effective your online efforts are. Each audit is done by a highly skilled, in-the-trenches digital marketer with deep experience in each client’s business vertical.

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