The Free Online Marketer Vetting Checklist

Use this free checklist to help you successfully choose the online marketers that will be best for your unique needs. Vet them like a pro!


Below you’ll find four different links to the checklist. All four are identical, just available in different formats based upon your work process preferences. 

On the free vetting checklist spreadsheet you will see the questions / points of inquiry that I suggest you research, grouped into four distinct areas or activities. In the adjacent column you will find a link to a video clip that provides context for that particular point. In two of the sections, a single video provides insight for the entire section.

This checklist should be self explanatory, but I want you to be successful, so if you have any questions or need further explanation, feel free to call me at your convenience at 702-327-8859, or if you would like to choose a specific time to chat, here is a link to my calendar, just pick a day and a time that is convenient for you: